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  • dimethrasher
    started a topic My 97 dime prerunner budget project

    My 97 dime prerunner budget project

    Just picked this up last weekend. 50 miles on fully rebuilt motor. Truck is in pretty decent shape. Wanna turn her into a gas friendly parent pounder...
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  • 1996 Chevrolet s10 S-10 2 Dr LS 4WD Extended Cab SB $3,500

    Two year old air conditioning. Heat Works. Equipped with a remote start, 4 wheel drive, tow package, front hooks, manual door locks and windows. Kenwood...
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  • Chasing Baja: The Javier Avila Documentary

    Chasing Baja: The Javier Avila Documentary

    “Chasing Baja” is an inspiring feature documentary and bad-ass thrill ride about Javier Avila, who built his own off-road race truck from scratch on his own dime. We catch up with him as he aims to fulfill his dream of completing the Baja 500! Oh, and did we mention he's accomplishing all of this... from a wheelchair? All of our lives we have been told that we can accomplish anything we desire as long as we put our heart and minds to it. While this is in fact very true and we realize just how true it is the older we get, very few people act on their desires and dreams. A man who's called Jav by his friends is the exception to that rule and thanks to Fixed Heart Films we will have an opportunity to watch his journey from building his first-gen s10 i...
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  • k_leung88
    started a topic New member to Dezert Dimes

    New member to Dezert Dimes

    Hey guys, I'm a 19 y/o student in San Jose, CA. I've got a 1998 Chevy S10 4.3L V6 2WD Ext Cab.
    It's pretty much bone stock, and I'd love to start...
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  • msashev
    started a topic Armored Truck Bumpers

    Armored Truck Bumpers

    I'm needing to create a set of bumpers that are able to withstand multiple head-on collisions without getting my truck damaged much. I am not allowed...
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  • Jeremymoo1
    started a topic New to this site

    New to this site

    Hi my name is jeremy parsons. I am 17 and me and my dad own a shop in newark ohio. It is varry big. Me and my dad bought a s10 that was Totaled. We only...
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  • How to Remove Over-Load in Leaf Pack

    How to Remove Over-Load in Leaf Pack

    This is a HOW TO on removing the over loaf leaf out of the STOCK leaf pack for the s10/Sonoma. This is one of the best ways to get the most use out of the stock leaf pack with out changing them out for Deavers.
    Color Code Chart:

    RED – I The 4 nuts you need to Remove.(will explain below)
    Yellow – Is the piece (over load) that you will be removing.
    Green – Is the leaf pack bolt.
    Blue – Is the to bolts heads on the Leaf pack bolt.

    Step one: Make sure you front tires have blocks either in front or behind them, or both, depending on witch way the truck is facing in yo...
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  • Chevy S10 2.2L 4 Cylinder Performance Mods

    Chevy S10 2.2L 4 Cylinder Performance Mods

    Chevy S10 2.2L Performance Mods

    Okay, some of you guys have asked for a 2.2l performance sheet… well here you go
    Chevy S10 2.2L performance Mods
    Okay, so, some of you guys have asked for an “Engine build thread” on my findings of the 2.2L performance mods. So here is my build/and idea/ research thread.
    -My Current mods-
    • Custom cat back exhaust
    • K&N intake
    • Polished throttle body
    • 4.10 gears
    This here on a new motor could make about 110 – 115 at the wheels, maybe more.

    1.) First mod I think you should look into going with a lift kit, or long travel (LT), is re- gearing. You do not get any horse power (HP) out of this, but it defiantly...
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  • How to improve your 4x4 S10

    How to improve your 4x4 S10

    Hey so I will add to this thread more and more when I have time but here it goes…. The info I will give is a collection of research that I have discovered from the very knowledgeable and talented members over at ZR2usa and some of the testing and trials that I have done. This is to prevent repeat NEWB questions!

    Please feel free to correct me and to PM me more info to add. Also if you would like to claim info, PM and I will add your name to the list of people that we greatly owe credit to! Jeremy (Miles) has made many of these discoveries through trial and error while driving his blazer through some crazy terrain and we owe him much credit for helping us all out.
    Some highlights that I have listed here include:
    Best transfer case set up
    Strongest front differential housing and axle shaft set up
    How to fit 33″ tires without suspension lift
    How to get 9-10″ of travel
    Winch set ups

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  • Fox 2.0 Shock Rebuild

    Fox 2.0 Shock Rebuild

    Courtesy of dezert dimes member “tailgunner” here is a write up on rebuilding your 2.0 shocks..
    alright, here is a thread on fox 2.0 x 8″ stroke remote resivior shocks
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  • Ford Explorer 8.8 Install

    Ford Explorer 8.8 Install

    After breaking yet another S10 10 bolt rear end I decided it’s time to examine other options. The strongest yet cheapest and easiest is the Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer 8.8. Just like the Jeep guys using these in Wranglers and Cherokees, I figure since Ford has used the 8.8 axle to replace the legendary Ford 9 inch differential, it must be pretty good. Lockers and other aftermarket parts are easy to find and shop around for competitive prices too.
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