Chevy S10 2.2L Performance Mods

Okay, some of you guys have asked for a 2.2l performance sheet… well here you go
Chevy S10 2.2L performance Mods
Okay, so, some of you guys have asked for an “Engine build thread” on my findings of the 2.2L performance mods. So here is my build/and idea/ research thread.
-My Current mods-
• Custom cat back exhaust
• K&N intake
• Polished throttle body
• 4.10 gears
This here on a new motor could make about 110 – 115 at the wheels, maybe more.

1.) First mod I think you should look into going with a lift kit, or long travel (LT), is re- gearing. You do not get any horse power (HP) out of this, but it defiantly...