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Rear end "clunk"

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  • Rear end "clunk"

    88 4x4 4.3 700r4
    Bolt on mods intake mani,kandn, headers, tbi spacer, see my intro...
    Tranny was rebuilt 3k ago...vette servo
    Have 235 tires right now
    Future will be 32's maybe 33's
    If I drive around with the gear selector at 3rd gear(under 55 mph around town)the rear end clunks real good upon downshifting... If I drive around with the gear selector in overdrive I don't notice it???
    G80 going to explode on my next trip offroad?
    If I change hearing in I have to change gearing in front diff?
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    yes, you will need to regear both if you plan on using 4wd. check your u-joints for rotational play by trying to rotate your driveshaft by hand, might have blown out the needle bearings in the u-joints. 4.10 gears and 33" tires is close to stock, i run 4.56 gears and 33's and it does pretty good on the highway at legal speeds. 4.56 + 4.3L = 85mph tapped out in the dirt with wheelspin, it is a little rediculous with the 5.7L i now have wedged into my truck...... lol also put the rear axle up on jackstands and rotate the tires by hand in park and in neutral and listen for noises, or pop off the diff cover and do the same and inspect the gears. never hurts to change the diff oil anyways while you inspect.... a quality scan tool can also diagnose trans codes to furthur eliminate problems. mine cost $28 dollars and plugs into my laptop, and lets me see every code and engine sensor raw feeds for realtime diagnostics. cant remember the name of it tho......
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