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  • 2000 chevy s10

    Hey fellow members, my name is Adrian and I got a 2000 chevy s10 with the 4.3. Currently lifted but having major camber issues that need fixing. But it's on a 3 inch spindle + 2 inch spring spacer. That's probably what's causing my issues. But I'm taking off those spacers soon anyways. So let's see how that goes.

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    Problems in what sense? As in when the suspension cycles or just sitting? If it's just sitting you need to add or remove spacers from behind the UCA mount to shim the arm in or out to correct the camber

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      No mainly just sitting. I already took off the spacers and installed some lift springs I got off another fellow dezert dime member. While I was putting on the new springs I noticed my upper control arm bushings were shot. But non of my worries as I'm also gonna be getting some uniball uppers soon. Plus my s10 is sitting in the garage due to a damaged flexplate. But I'm in the process of replacing it