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Ford 9" rear width to Stage 3 LT kit width..

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  • Ford 9" rear width to Stage 3 LT kit width..

    Hello everyone. Been a while since I've posted. Been busy with other endeavors consisting of staying not broke and using my past military experience to get me out of the country to make mo betta money elsewhere to continue the Sonoma legacy. As I am a diy kinda guy but no welder/master fabricator (mediocre at best atm) I have left my 2wd Sonoma behind for more capable hands At a shop in my home town in Texas. I'm trying for purchasing the stage 3 c4 fab lt kit later this year but for now I'm having my guy get more meat in the rear and a little wider stance as well for stability and so that the truck doesn't look so goofy like those odd backwards tricycle can-am shits I see here in UAE where I am currently. That being said I was told to ask does anyone know roughly the width from inner tire to inner tire that the stage 3 lt kit runs just sitting? Thanks for your time(s). Good to be back on here seriously. :)
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    Also to those who remember the topic about v8 swaps and whatnot, I went with the carb 350. Some may say it's the wrong choice but I have my reasons. Had a brand new stock tranny to break in the engine with (for free. Thx Mr. engine dude) and lets just say that between that and a 1800 mile round trip from west Texas to PHX and back through new Mexico and back home she had a steady 3rd gear..thats all. So she fast now.