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Fabtech long travel, lift spindles, and lift coils

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  • Fabtech long travel, lift spindles, and lift coils

    Deciding to lower the truck when I LS swap it instead of making it into a prerunner, so this stuff has gotta go.

    Fabtech long travel kit that has had straps welded around the bushing mounts to make it extra strong. It was bead blasted and painted black. All new Fabtech bushing installed along with some extra bushings. All new Moog balls joints, offset control arm shafts, and inner and out tie rods. New grease zerks install everywhere. Tie rod adjuster/extension has had a huge nut welded to it to make it easier to adjust. New jam nuts. I will not be parting this out. This comes as a complete kit. Has $433 worth of brand new MOOG parts, $1000 Fabtech kit.
    $1000 plus shipping

    NOT PICTURED BECAUSE STILL ON TRUCK. WILL BE REMOVED WHEN PAID FOR OR WHEN SUMMER COMES. FT 3" spindles. Been on the truck the last 3 years with no issues at all. Just the spindles, no brake or hub parts, but can throw in the extended brake lines that I have on the truck for them as well. These are not made any more and are beefier than all the lift spindles you can currently get new.
    $200 plus shipping

    CST 3" coil springs. Im pretty sure they are CST. They are marked CSC-C2-3 and googling that came up with results for a 3" lift spring for extended cab S10.
    $100 plus shipping

    Moog 5662 springs about a 1" lift spring.
    $20 plus shipping

    I accept PayPal or cash in person. That's it.

    I am rarely on here, so email me at

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    Fabtech long travel kit has sold.

    Everything else is still available.


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      Fabtech buyer requested to cancel the order, so it is available once again.


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        LT kit $850 plus shipping.


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          still for sale?


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            Yes it is.


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              LT kit pending.


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                Lt kit sold. Still have spindles and springs.