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How to Remove Over-Load in Leaf Pack
Last Updated on Thursday, 28 February 2013 12:43
Written by Evan
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 04:19

This is a HOW TO on removing the over loaf leaf out of the STOCK leaf pack for the s10/Sonoma. This is one of the best ways to get the most use out of the stock leaf pack with out changing them out for Deavers.

Color Code Chart:

RED – I The 4 nuts you need to Remove.(will explain below)

Yellow – Is the piece (over load) that you will be removing.

Green – Is the leaf pack bolt.

Blue – Is the to bolts heads on the Leaf pack bolt.


Step one:

Make sure you front tires have blocks either in front or behind them, or both, depending on witch way the truck is facing in you drive way, even if its flat, still just extra caution. Jack the rear of the truck up by the ball of the axle, not the best way but to get the rear high enough off the ground for the jack stands is the easiest way. Jack the rear of the truck up off the ground being careful, until the tires are a little ways off the ground. Note: the rear end comes down a lot after you put truck on jacks a release the jack from under the axle. I believe the jack stands will need to be set at notch 4-5-6 depending on what size stands you are using. So after you get it high enough then put jack stand under rear part of the frame and let the rear drop down off the floor jack and rest in the air.

Step two:

You will notice I added a picture, in the picture you will see 4 RED arrows pointing to what you can see nuts that thread onto the U-BOLTS of the axle. Takes those off and the plate that the read shock mounts to will swing out of the way. Both side, same time….Axle will rest freely on top of leaf springs….. Remove tires to make the axle lighter for following steps.

Step three:

Not with the shock/U-bolt plate out of the way, you will see a bolt that goes though the leaf springs and there is a Small nut on the end. NOW that you have both side freed up, lightly lift axle and move to the side of the Bolt Head that you see onto of the leafs. Take a good strong pair of vice grips or something to that affect and get a good bite on the round head. Now take the correct size DEEP socket (12 or 14?) and start cranking on that nut on the bottom. (Picture in BLUE circled is the top and bottom of the Leaf bolt and were the heads are and the GREEN is the bolts run though). You will have to get that nut all the way off. You will see when doing this that the flat leafs coming down off the leaf pack as the nut gets farther down the bolt. You can either hold it or when you start cranking on the nut have a clap on there just to hold it in place for the mean time, Up to you. When you get the nut off the Leaf spring bolt, the flat piece circled in yellow in the picture will slide down and off the bolt. Now just retighten the nut onto the Leaf bolt and move the axle back on top of the bolt (guided hole in axle perch) reinstall the shock/U-bolt plate and the 4 Nuts in RED^. And repeat the same thing on the other side.

I also recommended going back in a few days and checking the bottom 4 nuts on the U-bolts make sure they are tight.

  • sapperb


  • 95-s10

    I don’t know what would be wrong, i typed this in word first and did all that and then paste it over.

  • snoman360

    hey thanks alot! very helpful

  • sapperb

    Hey AJ great write up brutha. Here are a couple of things I added when I did mine last week.
    1) PB Blaster (lube) the nuts on the u-bolts at least a day prior for ease of removal.
    2) Have a breaker bar and or cheater bar on hand.
    3) The overload nut is a 15mm
    4) You will have to clean the section on the u-bolts that the perches have been sitting at since the day your truck was manufactured to ease the re-installing of the perches.
    5) Also I did one side at a time.

  • OTE_TheMissile

    OK so, I’m an idiot: What does removing the overload leaf get you, other than not having this big flat metal spear poking out of both sides of the axle?

  • sapperb

    You should of asked that question in the forum not here. Allows your leaf springs to cycle better, takes the stiffness away.

  • Kevin

    Removing the overload leaf can cause an axle wrap with stock leafs/suspension…
    To have an axle wrap occur you have to be pretty hard on your truck with jumping and if your towing but ive seen some axle wraps occur just on acceleration, but then again it was a Nissan Titan which had many mods..
    hope that answered some ?’s

  • lawrence

    so by removering the over load spring leaf (lower small one)i should get a smoother ride on my 81 chevy half ton,cause this truck has a heavy half suspension,and it ride rough

  • Lionel

    Very informative and helpful, thanx!!!

  • w.i.p.p

    i like how everything is all brown and dirty and where is a pure white shock ;)

    but indeed a very nice write up

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  • Sonny lane

    Hi im wanting to turn my 96 s10 with the 2.2 2wd iinto a prerunner and truthfully I dont know much about the mechanics that go into it… I was wondering what exactly does this do for your truck ( removing the overload leaf spring )

  • Son-e

    what exactly does removing your overload spring do for your dime?

    • Kohlfromsd

      it will make the range of travel much more plush while not compromising integrity

      • Ekofire18

        does it drop the truck any inches?